Kirtan Yoga Potluck

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This is going to be a very special evening.

You can come for the full event starting at 5:00pm, which will feel like a little retreat in the city…A time to slow down, connect, practice yoga, sing, eat, drink and celebrate, in one of the most beautiful spaces you’ve ever seen.

Or, just come for the Kirtan starting at 7:00pm and take part in the beauty of Kirtan Soul Revival.  Everyone is welcome to stay for the Potluck at 8:30pm

Schedule of the evening:

5:00 Arrival, get settled, view the art

5:15 Circle up for Meditation, Journaling, Discussion

5:30 Yoga practice with Chandra Cantor

7:00 Chanting with Kirtan Soul Revival

8:30 Introducing and blessing our food and eating and drinking together

What to bring:

*Yoga mat and any props you will need

*Something to write in, a journal or piece of paper and pen

*Something to eat or drink to share. If possible have it be both healthy and beautiful according to your definition (veg and non-veg, alcohol and sweets are welcome)

*A label for your dish with a list of ingredients, for those who might have allergies, or want your recipe

*Your own plate, cup, bowl and utensils (we will have paper available if need be, but let’s minimize our waste by bringing our own if possible, and why not eat off of something beautiful? Bring your grandmother’s china, or your favorite mug)

*Any business cards or flyers for your business. This is a community building event as well. If we know who is doing what in our community, we can support each other more.

What to wear:

Something comfortable to do yoga in And if you like…have it be beautiful, or wild, or festive. You can of course stay in your yoga clothes for the dinner (I almost never change out of mine), or bring something to change into. Please do not stress out about what you wear, it doesn’t matter at all, but if you want an excuse to wear those leopard print pants, or to put a flower in your hair, then please do!


Museum of Modern Renaissance

115 College Avenue

Somerville, MA 02144

10 minutes walk from Davis Sq. T, street parking is limited